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Why Study Integrated Sciences

The Integrated Science Program is a highly selective curriculum of natural sciences and mathematics presented in small classes at an accelerated pace. ISP courses emphasize the common base and relationships of the sciences and stress the importance of mathematics and the development of first principles. This foundation in turn leads to the study of advanced topics at the forefront of science.

After the ISP experience, our graduates have access to the best opportunities, including premier graduate programs in mathematics and the sciences, as well as the top medical and law schools. Many of our students have won prestigious national and international scholarships or fellowships such as the Churchill, Gates, Goldwater, and Fulbright to further their studies both here and abroad.

The courses in ISP are challenging, the professors outstanding, and the opportunities for research extraordinary. In fact, there isn't another program quite like it. If you're seriously considering a career in science, research medicine, or engineering, you should consider ISP.