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ISP 398 Research

**Download the Pre-Registration Form Here**

Steps to follow when registering for ISP 398 (Undergraduate Research):

  1. Find a professor to direct your research or independent study. Sometimes you may have an idea about what you want to do before you know who can advise you; sometimes it's the other way around: you know a professor you think you'd like to work with, but aren't sure whether there's a suitable topic. One source of information is other (especially older) ISPs. The Director would also be glad to suggest potential advisers, and can give you the names of professors who have directed 398's in the past. Finally, you might solicit names from the undergraduate adviser or a professor you know in the department you'd like to work in. You may want to discuss possible 398 projects with several professors before making a final choice.
  2. If your 398 is a fifth course, you must add it during drop/add week. You may elect to do this in any case, since it can be hard to work out details in time for pre- or advance registration. You should still, however, begin talking with potential 398 advisers well in advance, certainly no later than pre-registration time.
  3. Work out with your 398 adviser the nature, scope, and method of grade evaluation (no P/N's) for your project.
  4. Fill out an ISP 398 pre-registration form. Fully describe your project and how you will be graded. Have it signed by your adviser and then drop it off in the ISP office to be signed by the ISP Director.
  5. The ISP Program Assistant will give you a section number, a class number, and a permission number. If this is a fifth class, please review WCAS policy for course overloads.
  6. DEADLINE: Integrated Science 398 must be added by 2:00pm on the last day of drop/add week (the first week of a new quarter). Make sure you allow adequate time to obtain all of the necessary signatures.
  7. HONORS: 398 done for honors has special requirements
    1. A written report of honors work is required
    2. Projects that involve primarily training in research techniques or independent reading of the literature will not be appropriate for honors. If you plan to pursue honors, you should ensure that at least a portion of your project involves an independent intellectual contribution.
  8. The Use of 398/399 as a Double Major: Up to three ISP classes (from Astro 331, Biol Sci 310 or 311, Math 382 or 383, or Physics 339-3) can be substituted for ISP 398. Students pursuing double majors in other programs may find that independent research, 399 is also required for those programs. The independent research, 399, can be used to substitute for ISP 398 and thereby substitute for one of the above ISP classes provided IF the research is appropriately science related, as judged by the ISP director. An ISP pre-registration form must be completed. Approval by the second program director may be required as well.
  9. Students taking ISP 398 or any other 399 credit, may not receive any monetary compensation for the same work. They can, however, get paid for any work that they do over the load of the registered 398 credits (typically 12-15 hours per week).
  10. In the unlikely event that you need to drop a 398, be sure to inform your advisor and ISP.