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First-Year Focus

Welcome, freshmen! Have you decided to join the Integrated Science Program? Read on for more information!

Freshman Seminar

ISP students will take a First Year Seminar in the Fall Quarter. You will take one seminar in the Winter or the Spring Quarter.

Placement Exams

All students are required to take the chemistry and math placement exams. Your score will not impact your AP/IB credit or course placement but the exam might help you identify areas for review.

AP And Transferred College Credits

If you receive an AP score of 5 on the Chemistry AP exam, you may skip Chemistry 171 and 172 during your freshman year. You will then be eligible to take Chemistry 212 Organic Chemistry. ISP does not allow AP courses to replace any other ISP courses. However, an especially well-prepared student who has taken college courses in math and physics from certain well-regarded universities can occasionally be exempted from a quarter or two of the freshman math and physics sequences. More information about this possibility will be discussed at the ISP orientation during Wildcat Welcome.


You can take a look at our complete curriculum to get a feel of what classes are offered and a typical freshman year schedule. If you have further questions about our major and courses, please contact us at

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