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Student Spotlight

Meet some of our outstanding ISP Students! 

  • A PDF of this information is available here. 

Chris Sollenberger 

Chris is a senior majoring in Integrated Science and Biomedical Engineering. His current research, for which he is pursuing a Masters degree, is with Professor Stupp studying supramolecular glycopeptide amphiphiles for applications in regenerative medicine. He is the president of the Integrated Science Council and the Tau Beta Pi engineering honors society. He volunteers with Supplies for Dreams and Northwestern Prison Education Program. Chris also works part time as an EMT and plans to pursue a career in medicine following graduation.


Levi Hoogendoorn

Levi is a junior majoring in Integrated Science, Materials Science, and Mathematics. She has done research at Northwestern, in Professor Hersam’s lab, where she worked on inorganic-organic heterostructures for optoelectronic applications and then stacked vertical devices for potential quantum computing applications. She has also done research on polaritons in Professor Caldwell’s group at Vanderbilt Univeristy. Levi aims to pursue a PhD at the intersection of materials science and sustainability, with an upcoming internship in battery work before graduate school applications. Besides her academics, Levi is also a member of the Division I women’s fencing team at Northwestern.


Jack Vogel

Jack is a sophomore studying Integrated Science and Computer Science at the McCormick School of Engineering. He is interested in lower level and embedded programming, and is currently planning to become a software engineer after finishing undergrad.


Drew Alvarez

Drew is a freshman who is triple majoring in Integrated Science, Chemistry, and Physics. Drew also intends to pursue a physics masters degree during his four years at northwestern. Drew is interested in theoretical chemistry and is part of the Gingrich Group: a lab group studying non-equilibrium molecular motors. More specifically, Drew will be investigating and simulating a linear molecular motor similar in structure to that of Kinesin. In his free time, Drew enjoys playing chess, cooking and baking. He is an active member of both the Northwestern Esports club and the Anime club. 


Faith Do

Faith is a freshman majoring in Integrated Science, Physics, and Chemistry. She currently plans to be involved with a research group looking at different ways to attempt to detect dark matter. In her free time, she loves playing the piano, going to the gym, and eating food in Chicago. You can likely find her on the first floor of the ISP House singing Barbie and Disney songs while attempting to do physics problem sets.